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High Quality Material 4-6 Weeks Long Lasting Essy Stiletto/Coffin nail tips are made with high quality ABS material that will last at least 4-6 weeks. The nails itself it super thin, lightweight, super durable and sturdy, once putting them on, it makes no pressure on the nail plate and fits really well to all types of natural nails.

Features & details
* High-Quality Materials: Essy stiletto/ coffin nails is made of high-quality ABS material, which is safe, environmentally friendly, and has no odor. It can maintain bright colors, is not easy to break, comfortable to wear, easy to grasp, and does not affect manual work. Can be modified according to the length and size of nails

  • Different Sizes: Acrylic long nails tips offers 500 pieces with 10 different sizes and sizes to suit each of your nails. Each nail is numbered 0-9, which makes it easy to distinguish the size and track whether the nail is missing.

  • Easy to Use: Our Essy Extra Long Tapered/Square Nails XXL are super easy to trim/ shape, file and paint, and easily fit the nails, making the nails natural and real. Suitable for nail extensions with nail accessories, nail polish, acrylic,.. can last up to 4-6 weeks

  • Unpatterned design: These long nails tips use transparent unpatterned design, smooth surface is easy to archive, painted and painted, this design can give full play to your creativity and DIY design.


bag 500 pcs, box 500 pcs


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